AzBAT Model Showcased to Arizona Republic

AzBAT Model Showcased to Arizona Republic

by Caro Coronel

Eight representatives from the Arizona Republic visited Decision Theater on April 28th to view an updated version of the Arizona Budget Analysis Tool (AzBAT).

During their visit, Dr. Jonathan Koppell, Dean of the College of Public Service & Community Solutions, showed the newly created single-screen version of the model designed for mobile applications to representatives from the Arizona Republic. Moreover, they discussed potential revisions and tweaks that could be made to improve the usefulness and performance of the model. It is likely that the dialogue between Decision Theater and the Arizona Republic will continue as new iterations of the model are developed.

This tool enables decision makers to investigate different scenarios and rapidly understand the implications that various policy options will likely have on the functionality of various state agencies, employment of citizens, and in various socio-economic groups. 


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