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Decision Theater Network is supporting a McCain Institute program called The Next Generation Leaders (NGL). The program is designed to identify, train, network, and empower a diverse group of emerging, character-driven leaders from the United States and around the world. Learn how one member, Dr. Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas, is shaping his leadership action plan by collaborating with Decision Theater Network.

Dr. Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas is a Health Policy Specialist from Lagos, Nigeria who is passionate about improving the health outcomes for mothers and their children. With his experience as an NGL at The McCain Institute and a partnership with ASU’s Decision Theater, he is ready to make a big impact.

The Nigeria 2013 Demographic and Health Survey documents 576 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births - among the highest in the world. This high rate of maternal deaths is attributed to delays in decisions to seek care, delays in the travel to birthing facilities, and delays in receiving care upon arrival to obstetric facilities. While the World Health Organization (WHO) broadly recommends a ratio of obstetric facilities to population size, it does not consider the impacts of geographic factors that can delay access to facilities such as traffic congestion, limited transportation systems, and difficult geographical terrain.

Dr. Banke-Thomas took advantage of the Decision Theater’s capabilities to identify and plot existing obstetric facilities in Lagos, model transportation networks and constraints, determine population migration and growth patterns, and collect maternal health care data related to maternal morbidity and mortality. Decision Theater’s visualization tool provided a better understanding of the problem, and thus he was able to identify the optimal placement of future obstetric facilities.

“This advanced visualization tool provided by the Decision Theater provides an invaluable platform for the group of healthcare providers who inform the Lagos State Ministry of Health. It clearly provides improvement to our obstetric care services, delivery, and the potential to save the lives of many women in Lagos, Nigeria,” said Dr. Banke-Thomas.

McCain Institute Senior Advisor and ASU Decision Theater Network Executive Director LTG Benjamin C. Freakley, USA (Ret.) said, “Dr. Banke-Thomas’s experience as a McCain Institute Next Generation Leader is a perfect example of the value of the program and its ability to have global impact. His partnership with a wonderful ASU resource, the Decision Theater, promises to have a lasting impact.”


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Emily Herring
Decision Theater Network partners with Dr. Banke-Thomas