Decision Theater

On Tuesday, Decision Theater (DT) hosted a special evening event for participants of the 2016 Science of Team Science Conference (SciTS). DT researchers discussed methodologies used to facilitate collaboration among stakeholders with disparate backgrounds and motivations. In order to highlight DT's unique processes for improving team effectiveness, Rahul Salla (DT's Director of Software Development) and Kena Fedorschak (Head of Project Management) showcased an interactive model designed to explicate the complexities associated with building solar power plants in Arizona. Moreover, they discussed the importance of trained facilitators and discussed techniques to enhance team cohesiveness.

The SciTS conference, held the week of May 16th at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Phoenix, "aims to build an evidence-base and to develop translational applications to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of team-based research.” DT's Director, Major General (Ret.) Jon Miller, presented in the Tuesday morning panel discussion on strategies to enhance team cognition and advance team science through the use of cutting edge visualization techniques and mobile technologies. Conference attendees included researchers, policy makers, scientists, and federal agency representatives who are interested in team-based research to enhance collaboration and effectiveness.

Lindsey Collins
DT Hosts Science of Team Science (SciTS) Conference Event