Decision Theater

ASU Decision Theater facilities

Information surrounds collaborators inside the Decision Theater facilities to build better conversations and informed understanding of complex systems.

The hub of Decision Theater and the Decision Theater Network is located on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University. The Tempe location houses Decision Theater’s management, technical and administrative staff. This centrally located hub is a convenient resource for ASU’s nearly 5,000 faculty to easily partner and collaborate with Decision Theater.

The hub provides over 7,500 square feet of administrative, office and meeting space as well as our visually immersive convening environment referred to as the “Drum.”


Real-time, multi-display environment

Tempe, Arizona

The Drum, Decision Theater’s primary engagement and presentation space, is designed for convergence research by enabling informed, transdisciplinary conversations regarding society’s most vexing complex problems. It was recognized with the Harman Innovation Award for “Video in the Learning Space,” which acknowledges innovative use of audiovisual and information technology in higher education. Our state-of-the-art facilities include the latest information technology.

To enable high performance computing, Decision Theater has dedicated storage and compute nodes at ASU’s ISTB1 data center, which includes over two thousand cores and petabytes of storage capacity.

Washington, D.C.

Located blocks from the White House, The ASU Decision Theater in Washington DC unites policymakers and stakeholders in the U.S. Capitol with the computational, analytic, and research capabilities of the Tempe Decision Theater. Leaders from the highest level of government and policy development, both national and international, convene in the immersive facility. Participants explore intricacies on matters involving health, education, sustainability, security, and governance in a data-rich, visualized and interactive environment.

The Decision Theater Network is regularly expanding and evolving. Visit the Working with us page for more insight on our network partners and how to join.