Decision Theater

Working with ASU Decision Theater

The Decision Theater Network is not just a facility or a building. It is an organization with capabilities dedicated to prototyping tools and processes toward making better decisions and using the best available expertise — wherever it can be found.

Partner on projects

The Decision Theater brings together stakeholders to address complex, cross-disciplinary problems. We offer data visualization, predictive modeling and expert analytics to enhance all stages in the decision-making process. The result is more informed decision-making in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. Because all of our projects are browser-based, you can access solutions anywhere, including on mobile devices.

There are several ways that you can partner with us to enhance your decision-making. 

Our technical competencies include:

  • Data visualization.
  • Software development.
  • Predictive modeling.
  • Expert analytics.
  • Computation.
  • Determining problem definition.
  • Defining problem scope.


We also bring skills in:

  • Design thinking.
  • Collaborative modeling and systems thinking.
  • Facilitation.
  • Project management.


In addition, you will have access to interdisciplinary expertise from across ASU through our DT affiliates.


See a sampling of our previous projects


Join the Decision Theater Network

The Decision Theater Network connects people, processes and technologies to address problems that require the collaborative effort, resources and expertise of multiple organizations. The network provides mechanisms to bring together organizations to explore problems; share, analyze and visualize data; and evaluate solutions across disciplines and locations. 

The DTN expands the reach and impact of DT’s work because each member institution brings unique capabilities to enhance the network. For example, the DT located at the McCain Institute in Washington, D.C. brings high-level convening capabilities and policy expertise to the table. In return, the McCain Institute receives access to the Tempe location’s core competencies and research expertise from across ASU.


Create your own DT

As a DTN member, you can develop a fully capable Decision Theater at your location. The Decision Theater-Tempe hub assists any new DT as it begins to tackle the challenges associated with using information technology to enhance decision-making. As the network hub, the ASU Decision Theater is able to provide training, development and other support services to members of the network.

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